Your past is either your glory or your shame, it all lies in the head

Whether piece by piece or pieces by pieces, the difference is not just the addition of an extra ‘s.’ People really need to learn how to move on with life, a friend reiterated while I narrated my past relationships. It may seem as if I am so unlucky despite my good heart and my good looks, not to mention my position in life. But nothing depends on all those features, they don’t really count. If you cannot move a mountain, your faith cannot also move it. Having faith in someone is a different thing, and then you begin to wonder if there is just one person you can even have faith in. When you are in this situation I am trying to describe, you will discover the quietness of the world.

Some things just don’t go away, and one of them is history. When history is written, it stays forever. The heartbreaking fact is that history is always written as days passes by and as we live on. We all have histories, histories that are part of our lives.

Judith(false name), a friend of mine narrated her story last week. In her words, she said she will never forgive herself for carrying out two abortions and killing innocent children. I felt really bad, not for the children she accused herself of killing, but for her. How can she punish herself for committing abortion or helping to carry out the action? She is just a nurse who was doing her job. We are supposed to feel pity for soldiers who go to war to kill people, we are supposed to feel pity for lawyers who defend bad people. They are doing bad things in the interest of either themselves or some people. When asked why she did it, she erected a great wall of silence before she busted into tears. People, oftentimes punish themselves for what they didn’t do wrong. And even if they were wrong, they have refused to understand that doing wrongs is part of living. The dead can do no wrong.

Sometimes we make the wrong choices for the right reasons, and sometimes the right choices for the wrong reasons. All are in good faith of a livable tomorrow. Despite your efforts, you are still going to have a bad past.

Improvements always have an underlayer of determination and actions. You have to want to improve before you start seeing the manifestations. If you weigh yourself down and think there is no way you can move on, you’ll stay down forever.

Life is not designed to favor a specific set of people, and this is the main reason the rich also cry. You cannot always have it your way. Some things will go wrong at some point in your life. Your strength lies in the acceptance of these bad events and moving on from there.

Every happenstance in life is 50/50. 50 percent it will go bad and 50 percent it will go well. 50 percent you will die tomorrow and 50 percent you will not die tomorrow. 50 percent you will grow old and 50 percent you will not grow old. So, why trouble yourself on what is beyond your mortal control? Live and enjoy what comes your way. Shed the tears you need to shed and keep your tears when you don’t need to shed them. Life is sweeter to be denied oneself of its amusement, live on from your past. Lessons and not regrets should be derived from your past.

Just promise yourself an amount of happiness and go for it. Separate yourself from the vices of your past. The flaws of your past should not define you. The fact is, you are not going back into yesterday,  we always wake up into tomorrow. Good luck folks.

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  1. An interesting post, thank you. I think we all suffer from this from time to time.

    I used to hold myself back over some really silly, and petty, things I did as a teenager; I had let them define me for years. Until I followed a mindfulness training and learn that I could choose to let them go. It was such a revelation! I wrote about it recently in a blog post about our mistakes.

    The truth is no one or no event can make us feel bad without our permission, we can chose to leave these incidents behind us and stop giving them our energy. Thanks for sharing your views on this.

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