Love is a beautiful thing but only when it exists, don’t get it twisted

Now I have to write another epistle because a new chapter has turned in my life again, it appears to do so all the time though. One of the best ways to blog actually is to write detailed information about the happenings in your life, and people can learn from it. Today I am going to write something about love. Since this blog is my private social media, which aside from being niche-less also speak a lot about my personal life and shares my experience. I guess I can write anything that falls in my Thesis header.

You see, love is a beautiful thing, of course, that’s when and where it exists. Love can also be a nemesis when and where it does not exist. We all don’t get that luxury of the ‘till death do us part kind of love’ nor the ‘happy ending kind.’ I so much crave the love story written by Williams Shakespeare, you know, “Romeo and Juliet.” Only that it is a fiction. I want to be Romeo and find my Juliet without trouble or with trouble. I don’t really care anyway, but the aim is to find her eventually. As it is right now, I am single, I may be single for a very long time though because I don’t want to get married.

Some time ago, just a few weeks though, I met a lady who doesn’t want to get married too. It was fun to see someone of a like mind. Love is a beautiful thing where it exists, the feeling of acceptance by an entirely new person, I cannot correctly describe it. When you are in love, you feel everything is normal, even when everything doesn’t just seem reasonable, you won’t give a fig about normalcy. I am completely in the dark when it comes to love. I don’t know if it exists or if it doesn’t. I bet it is better described in fictions. It all seemed as if we are trying to play out some kind of fiction movie.

Now let’s talk about when love actually exists. Love is the foundation of any relationship, any human to human interaction which will last a lifetime or at least decades must be built on an amount of mutual love. Eros and Pragma love, the most common love between a man and a woman, are recipes for happiness. When you suddenly meet the person you have been waiting for all your life, your problems seem to disappear although they still lurk around. I like the idea that someone is there for me. I like the idea that someone wants to listen to me. I like the idea of another shoulder, an extra mind that can point me in a direction or help me make decisions. Everyone wants to be loved, we all deserve it, but everyone is not capable of holding love down. I have met people who gave excuses for misbehaving even after being shown an ample amount of love, an amount of respect they might never come across again in their lifetime. The saying, ‘you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it’ is not a gainsaying, it perfectly applies to the imperfections of love. One of the imperfections of love is not loving someone to the extent of which they love you. This is an unfortunate situation, but oh it happens to the unlucky ones. I am not that pathetic when it comes to love, if I realize you don’t feel as much as I do, I’ll stay away from you. I mean, what’s the point of forcing my high EQ(EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT) on someone who’s going to break me in the end. I advise you if you are reading this now to take a second look into whatever entanglement you’re involved in. If it’s not worth it, just give it up. If you don’t give it up, the end will not be palatable. It will cost you a day or two to think and get over, and that’s better than a month of crying in the future. When love exists, it has to be measured equally. Although, there is no specialized or dedicated way to gauge the amount of love in someone’s heart, the commitments and the attitude of who you’re in love with is a  great measurement of how deep they love you. Someone who doesn’t return your calls or your messages shouldn’t preach love to you. These little commitments go a long way, they serve as indicators of how much your love is being craved. To instantiate, if you send a text to someone who claims to love you asking a question, and you have to wait until forever for a reply, you don’t need to search on Google for what is happening. Or if you call your girlfriend and she keeps hanging the call consecutively for five times, I would stay away if it were me. In a relationship, nobody has the responsibility of doling out affection, it goes both ways. You should know if you’re needed or if you’re not. Snubbing is a powerful signal of pack and run. I, as a person, would run when I see such a message. Please, do not see me as a perfectionist, I am not, I give chances, I give time. When you keep abusing the opportunities and time I am giving you to recover from whatever you have been through, it also tells me you are making no efforts.

Love may, however, be a hoax, this is when it does not exist. Love apparently does not exist everywhere. This is not really something that bothers me because I believe everyone should know when they are loved and when they are not. You should not settle where you are not loved, it is a very tragic situation. A one-sided love is more deadly than a cobra’s venom. You tango with someone who does not love you only at your risk.

Well, most time I don’t dish out blames to people who loved those who didn’t love them in return. When it comes to love, anyone could be deceived. As I mentioned, no counter measures love, you will not find one anywhere if you go from Oz to Antarctica. But you should know when you are being loved. Have a wonderful love life.


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  1. Hammed abiola says:

    Great one

  2. Ty says:

    I love this one..
    Searing and profound.

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