Life saga, are you the protagonist or antagonist of your own story?

The inconsistencies life introduces in our lives have drifted many directionless folks into the abyss. You cannot even tell the role most people play in their own story. They occupy many positions and drag themselves along with whatever comes out of the whole life saga. Life is a saga, no doubts but how well do people realize this? Nobody is immune to this drama, nobody made of bones and blood can ever be. Life is funny and then it is not funny, we need to deal with the two faces of life. There is no supernatural help coming from anywhere. I have seen people who felt like it was over. They started predicting their own end, how does someone know when it is over?

I have seen people who felt like it was over with just little life saga to deal with at some point. They started predicting their own end, how does someone know when it is over? We just live in expectation of the end. Whilst it is not the end yet, we have to maximally, with all our strength lead a fulfilled life. It eludes me why people cannot see that they are the only hindrance to their own good life.

How can you achieve a life free of problems

A few days back, a scholar engaged me on the issues of life and problems. His words were, we can achieve a world without problems. I looked at him dazed, I was obviously confused as to how much confusion he harboured in his mind. Life itself is a complex problem of a different kind. Problems can never be eliminated, they can only be reduced to a minimum. We all have our problems attached to us like a child to his mother. How we react to any sticky situation depends on how happy we would be. Inasmuch as you breathe in air, you are going to encounter problems.

In a nutshell, I will like to break it to you that you cannot live a problem free life, I’m sorry but you cannot. Your predicament might be as mighty as Kilimanjaro or as low as Idanre hills. It doesn’t matter what size it is, what matters is how you deal with it. When you try to eliminate a problem, you create more. The creation of another problem when solving one makes it impossible to completely eliminate. You just need to be the protagonist in your life saga to remain happy.

What role exactly are you playing in your life saga?

Most people have surrendered their happiness to others. Their chance to ever be happy depends on what other people think or say about them. These kind of people are on a destructive path. Their friends and families decide when they get happy or sad. It is normal to be conscious of what your kith and kin have to say about you, but it is wise not to really care what anybody thinks about you. There will always be protagonists and antagonists in your life, it is one of the shebangs of life. But the most important part of living is that part where you take your life by the edge and live it the way you want. The role people play in your life depends on how much space and levity you give to them.

You can either be the hero or the villain of your life saga, you can as well be the enemy to your own self. It all depends on the sophistication of your mental strength. There are consequences for any role you play. If you give the baton to your family and friends, they will not run as far as you can. You need to stand up for yourself all the time, you need to finish the race alone. Over time, you will discover that you give the commands, you make the decisions.

Build Your Own World

People make up the world, both the good people and the bad people, but we still have to put up with them all. We all have the bad tendencies in us all. People tend to change over time, and someone may be terrific today, but tomorrow they will be completely different from the devil they were. To build your world is simply to collect people of worth around yourself. A solitary life on earth will not make you a hero, it will instead frustrate the little time you have to spend here. One of the perks of walking with people of mental substance is that they will be there to alleviate your transition from one point to another with their sagacity. Selfless and considerate people will always lift you when your life saga weighs you down.

Dealing with people with selfless interests gives you an amount of security, you will have the conviction that when things go wrong they will alwaysbe there. You and these set of people can be categorised as protagonists of your own life. The soup of it all is to be ready to play the same role in their life. Insofar as you may gather protagonists, you may misguidedly gather antagonists disguised as protagonists. Choosing your friends is a protagonistic role, because you must choose a friend that will contribute to your pregress, this post share more light on how to know who is your friend.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, playing a role in your life saga means as much as living the life itself. The role you play goes a long way, the time lost or the years lived can never be recovered. In light of this, I advise you to be the main character of your own life and leave people who would drown you out. Making a choice of who have a say could turn out to be protagonistic or antagonistic, it depends on your choices. Choose well.

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