Iron sharpens iron, how to know who is your best friend.

The importance of friends in our lives cannot be overemphasized.

As we grow up, we meet the friend(s) which may carry us as far as we did not give precedence at the time we started them. In schools, playgrounds, religious grounds, malls, workplaces. But one way or the other we discover how important our friends become in our lives. From standing for us when fights come up in school, lying to protect you, sharing things with us to helping us out when we are in a mess or in trouble.

We sometimes are not in control of whom we become friends with, teenagers or children can just become friends with any other teenager or child based on their interests. When it comes to adults, we need an extra bit of care in choosing who we call friends. Friends to me can be everything and also it can mean nothing, depending on who your friend is. Friends are useful in so many ways, but can as well be the devil behind someone’s predicament.

Inasmuch as we do everything to make sure our relationships or friendships last as long as we live, a fact is, some people are born as demons, they show us their bright sides to capture us after which they manifest their dark sides.

Friendship should be the second in line to family, the next succour of every man should be in friendship, but the reverse is the case. Some friends will ask you to jump and tell you they’ll be there for you, you would be a fool to make the jump.

A verse from the Bible makes us realize that iron sharpens iron, that is what friendship should be all about, mutual impact. How does your friend impact your life? Have they been able to give you a good advice for once? Have they been able to help you make a decision you never regretted? Have they been able to stand by you when you are in a mess or in trouble? These are the questions one need to ask oneself of one’s friends.

If your friends are not the type that impacts your life positively, they do not do things that push you towards your success, all they do is help you wrap a smoke, give you the number of that coke guy, tell you about the new big guy in town who wants to party with girls, then your friendship is a destructive one.

To see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will have to walk down the tunnel with open eyes and with good people who will ensure you make the end of the tunnel.

From a real-life experience, a friend decided to put himself in debt to help me out when I needed funds so badly, how much more do you define a friend? While a good friend can be regarded as family, a bad one’s description is a devil.

Iron sharpens iron is not just one of those quotes, you need to really think deeply about it. We all have that one friend who wants to see us glow all the time and numerous ones who wish for our downfall. You need to walk with people who want to see you rise, what’s the point in being friends with your enemy? Sometimes, those we see as friends are our enemies, so I ask you, how do you determine who your friends are? The answer is very simple and I’ll list some features of good friends below.

– Your friends will always ask for the next step you want to take towards greatness

– Friends will always encourage you not to give up

– Good friends will always be ready to go miles for you

– Nice friends will remain by your side through thick and thin

– Real friends will not laugh at you, they will rather laugh with you

– Kind friends cry when you cry

While choosing your friends is not a big task, choosing the right ones is a very big mountain to climb. Word of advice, NEVER ALLOW YOUR FRIENDS TO CHOOSE YOU.

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  1. July 21, 2017

    […] Dealing with people with selfless interests gives you an amount of security, you will have the conviction that when things go wrong they will alwaysbe there. You and these set of people can be categorised as protagonists of your own life. The soup of it all is to be ready to play the same role in their life. Insofar as you may gather protagonists, you may misguidedly gather antagonists disguised as protagonists. Choosing your friends is a protagonistic role, because you must choose a friend that will contribute to your pregress,¬†this post share more light on how to know who is your friend. […]

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