About me

Welcome to my Nicheless Social Blog. My name is Akin Wilderman. I am a Writer, Author, Entrepreneur, Netpreneur, Biochemist, Humanist and Social Activist.

Having an online presence in the world of today is almost close to breathing. Millions of people flock the internet every day seeking information on various topics. Bloggers quench the thirst for information with a wealth of experience they have had in time past. Hence, the creation of this hub, which aims at delivering pristine information to anybody who seeks the topics covered here on this blog.

Akinwilderman.com is not a political blog, but a store of information on various topics I am interested in. I may dive into politics at times in my Thesis category, but I do not solicit for any government. I am a person of the people.

I will be sharing my experience and information on Writing, Blogging, SEO, FOREX and trading in general, Investing, Freelancing, and much more as I spread my tentacles of information.

I will also dive into Contemporary issues, Family and relationships.

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